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VideoToolbox is One of Top Free Video Editing Softwares for Video – Latest Version

Top Free Video Editing Software for Video – Get Latest Version of VideoToolbox

VideoToolbox is Free Video Editing Software which is an amazing tool provides you easy editing and compressing facility for your videoFree Video Editing Software

Its Low level framework that gives instant access to hardware encoders and decoders. Provides video compression and decompression services and conversion between raster image formats stored in CoreVideo pixel buffers.

These services are offered in the form of session objects (compression, decompression and pixel transfer), which are sold as basic (CF) types. Applications that do not require direct access to hardware encoders and decoders should not directly use VideoToolbox which is Free Video Editing Software.

Know more About VideoToolbox as A Top Free Video Editing Softwares for Video

Upload and edit up to 1 GB of images in your web browser and download the finished video in a format of your choice

You can upload up to 1 GB of video to VideoToolbox, which is very generous, but expect to wait a long time for larger files to load.

Although there are many Best Video Editing Software are working well but VideoToolbox is highly Recommended.

You also have the option to work with online video from several sites, including YouTube, saving you the scandal of downloading them separately.

The range of editing options available in VideoToolbox is somewhat limited compared to Movie Maker Online or YouTube video editor, but for certain tasks it is ideal. You can convert videos between formats, join multiple clips together, add a custom watermark, embed or extract subtitles and crop out unwanted images.

The interface makes some tasks a bit difficult and long winded to complete, but Video Toolbox is worth a look if you have a particularly large video to edit.

Key Features of VideoToolbox – Best Video Editing Software

Here we will show you that VideoToolbox has amazing feature.An Free video editing software usually don’t have such amazing Feature.


  • It is free
    It can process video files up to 600 MB.
  • Analyze your video files and provide detailed information about codec, bitrate, frame rate, resolution, etc.
  • Converts your files between all popular video formats (3GP, AMV, ASF, AVI, FLV, MKV, MOV, M4V, MP4, MPEG, MPG, RM, VOB, WMV).
  • In simple mode, all you have to do is select the output format.
  • In advanced mode, you can make changes to advanced settings:
  • Video codec, resolution, bit rate, frame rate.
  • Audio codec, bitrate, sample rate, channels.
  • Adds a watermark to your video file.
  • Cut video to start and finish that you designed.
  • Crop video with a few clicks
  • Fits multiple files into a single video track for you.
  • Extract audio, video or text from a file – a feature called Demux.
  • Record videos from your webcam or other movie device.
  • Take snapshots and make thumbnails of your video clip.
  • Add embedded subtitles to your video file.
  • Allows you to download Flash videos from over 20 video parts.
  • An advanced file manager that lets users upload their videos and download files from other websites on the web.
  • With the Advanced File Manager, users can also view videos as a thumbnail view.
  • This feature allows for easy mouse transfer and is based on advanced thumbnail rotation technology


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