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Awesome Animator A 2D Animation Software – Latest

Awesome Animator A 2D Animation Software – Best Animation Creator Software

Awesome Animator (formerly Express Animator) is a software program for animations, especially Flash animations for websites. It is similar to the Adobe Flash MX software but has additional features like skeleton animation and export in Silverlight and HTML5 Canvas.

Awesome Animator

The latest version supports Actionscript 2.0 and 3.0 Scripting. It is from the genre of vectorbed graphics programs that it stores the coordinates of the forms corners. The shapes are either filled with colors, gradients or bitmaps. The program was re-launched in 2010 as “Awesome Animator” with many changes from the original program, such as enabling more complex scripts, an improved renderer, and various “wizards” to speed up tasks such as creating buttons and diagrams.

Know More About Awesome Animator A 2D Animation Software

Animation software usually requires a lot of system resources, but this is not the case with Awesome Animator, since it only requires an average computer to work optimally. After the installation and execution of the program, the user will notice the surface resembling Paint or some other editor, and many tools and instruments for drawing.This is best Awesome Animator software to Create Animation Video.

The functionality of the program is based on layers and frames. To create an animation, the user must draw each frame. This is not difficult since the interface allows this in the shortest possible time. You can draw freely or add different shapes to the interface. In addition, it can adjust the background of each frame by adding a color or image.This is One of Best Animation Softwares.

Sound can also be used together with an animation, but unfortunately Awesome Animator supports only WAV files. Alternatively, you can create a new melody using the supplied synthesizer. After the animation is created, the user can export it in a variety of media formats such as SWF, GIF, AVI, HTML, and so on. This Awesome Animator makes the animation suitable for the web and easy to publish with FTP. In addition, each frame can be exported as an image file.

It allows anyone to create animations with different drawing tools and frames. In addition, the background can be changed for each frame. In addition, the sound can be used with an animation, which can be either a WAV file or a self-created song. In addition, animations can be stored in a variety of media formats.

Creating an animation can take a long time because the user must create each frame separately.

Awesome Animator is a complete animation software that allows anyone to create complex animations from scratch without the need for them.

Go here for Download  Awesome Animator

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