SyncMate 7 Review – Latest Video Animation Software

SyncMate 7 Review – Video Animation Software

SyncMate 7 Review. Have you ever encountered issues when it came to syncing your Mac with other devices as well as online accounts? Well, most of the Mac users have faced this issue one time or the other. It is quite a frustrating one, to say the least, and an amicable solution is what every Mac user look for. So, when it comes to data synchronization between Mac and various other devices along with online accounts, SyncMate is quite a powerful tool.

SyncMate 7 Review

Using this tool, one can easily sync his Mac with both Android as well as iOS devices without any glitch. It is quite useful in syncing with other Mac computers and online accounts, with popular ones such as iCloud, Dropbox, Google It can be used to sync Mac computer with any mounted or MTP devices too. SyncMate provides syncing with different Microsoft services such as Office 365 Home and Business accounts, OneDrive and Outlook.

There are various great features of SyncMate which makes it an essential tool for every Mac user. Some of them are:


One of the key feature of this tool is that it allows your Mac to sync multiple devices simultaneously without any issues. This saves a lot of time of the user as he doesn’t have to wait to plug in the next one to sync after the previous device is synced in. This also provide comfort to the user as he doesn’t have to switch the devices to sync them. He can simply connect the devices with the Mac and do simultaneous syncing. It also allows easier syncing with various online accounts irrespective of the service provider. It also provides the means to sync the data without any dependency on the platform of the device, i.e. Android and iOS.

Automatic Syncing of Data

This feature allows you to keep all the data on your devices to remain updated with its Autosync feature. It saves the user from the trouble of regularly syncing the devices to keep all the latest documents on the device, every time new data comes into the device. This feature adds comfort to the user as it saves him from going through complex procedures to keep his devices updated.

Free Sync

Another salient feature of this tool is that it provides free edition to sync Contacts and Calendars. The user can easily sync all the Contacts stored in Mac device to the other devices and even sync Calendars to their device to keep up with daily schedule and important meetings duly synced with their other devices which are used at various times.

Native SyncService

The OS X El Capitan support also provides its own SyncService which is an additional feature to provide ease of usage to the Mac users.

Invisible Sync

One of the nagging feature most of the apps have is that their window remains on the screen while syncing. Most of the users don’t like it and would rather want an app which does the syncing invisibly, in the background. The SyncMate has this absolute feature which makes it wonderful to use for Mac users and avoid the users to get bothered by the boring sync window.

Additional Options

The expert edition comes with syncing of multimedia files and folders etc. if one wants to keep movies, songs etc. and a large volume of data in a structured format. This great feature makes it quite valuable for those who are on the go and wants the data available at all the time.
System Requirements

It requires Mac running on OS X 10.8.5 and later.
Devices which are based on Android 3.x-8.x and in case of iOS devices, iOS 5.x – 11.x.
In case of Office 365 Business edition, it requires OS X 10.9 and later as a prime requirement.

Latest Release
The creator of SyncMate, Eltima Software recently announced the release of SyncMate 7 which is a revamped version of the previous SyncMate, a high-performance synchronization tool for OS X. This latest provides support to devices running on Android 8, Oreo as well as iOS 11  and it is duly compatible with macOS 10.3, the macOS Sierra High.

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