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Introduction of ABCya Animate Mobile Apps  |ABCya Animate Lesson Plans

Introduction of ABCya Animate Mobile apps for kids? The ABCya website is the leading free educational Computer Games and mobile apps for kids. It’s an award-winning destination for elementary school students who offer hundreds of fun and interesting learning activities.

Description of Animate ABCya appabcya animation

The ABCya Animate is a simple and smart way to teach kids about animation. The website introduces basic cell animation techniques that are combined with stop-motion animations in a way that even the youngest can understand. Here is your guide to saving your file. Once you save the animation, it will be saved as a GIF file. This file (GIF) has different frames for each frame you create. Open your web browser like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari or Chrome to see the animated .gif. All you have to do is click File> Open. Open the GIF file, and the animation automatically plays in the browser window.

ABCya Animate Lesson Plans 

You will Get all ABCya Animate Lesson Plans to Create attractive and best animation videos.

ABCya Animate Lesson Plans
Go here for ABCya Animate Lesson Plans With ABCya Animate your children can easily create their own animated films. Starting from a white screen, children can draw with 4 pencil sizes and 36 colors. Alternatively, you can add images from the categories of transport, landscape, animals, food, people and fun objects. In addition, they can move and dimension objects, turn them around, or arrange them in front of or behind other objects. To save the frame and add it to the roll of film, the children press “Copy frame”. Then add up to 99 frames to the next frame.Click on Above Image for All ABCya Animate Lesson Plans.

Children can also create the background themselves or use one of the preinstalled backgrounds. You can also display the previous frame and easily delete a frame. Nevertheless, there is no way to record voice overs or add custom music. However, the background melody can be changed in the parent or teacher area. In addition, movies can be played once or in a loop. However, animations can only be saved to the gallery on the device or exported to the camera roll.

Use ABCya Animate to show children how to create animations. Once kids understand how animations work and how they use the tool, they can create short animated movies. In this way, they can demonstrate their understanding in many other topics. For example, after an insect study, children could create an animation of the life cycle of a butterfly. On the other hand, they could use the app to retell a short story in the language arts. Alternatively, bring to life an event studied in the social sciences. The possibilities are endless, especially in project-based learning environments. The website builder will appeal to children and help them to demonstrate their knowledge and strengthen their understanding.

Products and Services ABCya Animate Offer
  • Educational games for children
  • Word clouds
  • Word Search Creator Mini
  • World Bingo
  • Talk to me alphabet
  • Shapes / geometry
  • Shapes and colors Bingo
  • Shapes pattern
  • Spelling practice
  • storyteller
Advantages of using ABCya Animate
  • Colorful and intuitive interface
  • 100 pictures, groupings, arranging and over 100 pictures
  • Children’s entertainment on the Internet
  • GIF has different frames for each frame you create
  • A short video tutorial shows how to use controls and create animations

Disadvantages of ABCya Animate

  • For mobile devices, it offers a limited version of Animate
  • All options are only available on the desktop
  • Does not offer an option to add narration

Customer Reviews for ABCya Animate

  1. The use of this app proves to be very intuitive and very easy without any further instructions.
  2. Children can quickly pick up the concept and move objects around the screen to create cool animations.
  3. At this point, kids can also support the well-designed interface with simple controls and easy-to-use tools.

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