Top 3 Best free Video Editors and Video Editing Softwares – Latest Version

Best free Video Editor Softwares – Download Latest Version

Collection of Top 3 Best Free Video Editor Softwares. These are Highly Recommend Video Editing Softwares being Used for Video or photos editing.

1. Lightworks

By providing professional quality tools in anyone’s reach, regardless of budget, Lightworks is the Best free video editor available today

Lightworks Free Video Editor


Lightworks is much more than a simple tool to cut clips – the pro version was used to create great name movies, including the king’s speech and the road to destiny.

As you would expect for such a Powerful Video Editor, you can not master it overnight, but that’s not something you can have against it.

Lightworks is described as a professional video editor for all, and we think it is a fair summary.

Despite its power, it will work well on relatively modest hardware, and manage video capture and advanced editing with aplomb.


If you’ve tried other free video editors, you’ll probably find that the interface is a bit different than anything you’re accustomed to, but you can fix the different controls and windows to create something that suits your workings ,

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2. Shotcut free Video Editor

Shotcut is a great free video editor that lets you filter and filter filters and effects individuallyShotcut Free Video Editor

The interface is unusual, but once you master it, you will reap the benefits

Shotcut is another professional free video editor feel that requires a little patience when you reach the results you are so able to deliver.

The somewhat unusual interface can be brought into the fact that this life started as a Linux application, and little has changed in its conversion to Windows.

For the starters, the interface seems to be somewhat abrupt. You do not only have to upload a video, but also select the editing mode in which you want to work and which tools you want to use.

There is no way to escape the fact that Shotcut has a very distinctive learning curve.

It’s possible to get some impressive results by simply applying one of your numerous filters to your video, but the real rewards are only by those who are willing to take the time and energy into full control of what’s on offer to be harvested.

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3. Hitfilm Express Best Video Editor

Hitfilm Express is a very powerful free video editor and can be extended with premium extensions if your needs exceed your standard features

Hitfilm Express Free Video Editor

A Powerful Free Video Editor that can be extended when you exceed it

Hitfilm Express is another video editor that provides professional features for free.

The basic editor is very impressive, with advanced cutting tools, a large set of audio and video filters, layers and masks, compositing options, and color coding to create green screen effects.

Additional tools are available at a price starting at £ 8.85 for a package with color correction, exposure setting, split screen masking, and various creative filters.

The disadvantage of all this power is that Hitfilm Express is much more sophisticated than Lightworks or Shotcut, which is the main reason why it has fallen to third place.

Be sure to check the technical requirements before you download it to avoid disappointment.

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